Fiber Optic Cable Splicing

Fiber Optic Cable Splicing

At Splicers, Inc. our employees are extensively trained and certified in the state-of-the-art methods required for splicing in both new and existing fiber optic systems. Fiber optic technology is both extremely reliable and fast. When looking for the best connection, fiber optics is the best way to go. At Splicers, Inc. we believe that quality work is also clean work. We guarantee that you will have exceptional splices while maintaining the integrity of the work area. We like to cater to our customers, and whatever documentation you need, we will provide. Our crew members have many years of experience and are comfortable working in most weather conditions. Our crew does not shy away from a challenge either. They will provide service to any location whether it be aerial or buried cable. At Splicers, Inc. we have the knowledge, experience, equipment and personnel to earn your trust as the premier company for all of your fiber optic splicing needs.



Fiber optics is an advanced form of telecommunications. One important thing to do when completing an advanced technical skill is to make sure that what you’ve done is 100% accurate. You can count on that if our work does not pass our test that we will fix it immediately.


Transformation Work

Fiber optics is a growing industry. A lot of companies are transitioning from existing copper cable systems to new fiber optic cable systems. We have worked with many companies in the past on their transformation projects. If you are looking for a company with immense experience in completing transformation projects, we are that company.


Repair and Emergency Service

While we are contracted with your company, we will be on call for fixing all necessary repairs to the damages on your cables. We understand that when you need a cable repaired, that you need it repaired quickly. We like to pride ourselves in providing all necessary repairs swiftly. We are the go-to contractor for a multitude of companies, holding both long-term and project-to-project contracts. At the same time, we understand that not all telecommunications companies keep splicing companies on contract. If you are one of these companies and are in need of an emergency repair, give us a call, as we do our best to provide emergency service to anyone and everyone who needs it.



For all current and future customers, we will maintain their fiber optic cable systems. While providing maintenance care we will do all necessary work, including splicing new to old, removing bad splices, testing, and doing any additional fixes that need to be made in order to make sure that the cable is working properly.



We have been in the telecommunications industry since 1983. Since our incorporation we have come across numerous technology advances within the industry. At Splicers, Inc. we have experienced first-hand the evolution of telecommunications cable splicing, from advances in copper cable splicing all the way to the present day with the cutting-edge technology associated with fiber optic splicing. Our expansive knowledge in the industry guarantees that you will be provided with the best service there is to offer.


Our fiber splicing crews are representative of the industry’s best.


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