Texas leader in telecommunications splicing services.

We specialize in both fiber optic cable splicing and copper wire systems. We can contract with you for new construction, routine maintenance, on-call emergency service, extended projects, or one-time fixes. We have the personnel and the equipment to meet your splicing needs and look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

Fiber Optic Cable Splicing

The world of fiber optics is a fascinating area that continues to grow and is now the primary technology for telecommunications companies worldwide. Like any advanced technology, it comes with its own unique specifications, jargon, and protocols and demands sophisticated equipment and highly specialized training.

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Copper Cable Splicing

Copper systems have their own unique set of needs as well and require the services of a company with experience in copper wire applications. Splicers, Inc. has an established track record of providing superior service with “legacy” systems. And for those companies utilizing dual technology (fiber optic and copper systems), there is no better choice than Splicers, Inc., where the specific needs of the specific customer determine our highest priorities.

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Service Area

Our corporate office is located in Conroe, Texas for fast and easy access to Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding communities. But we’re not limited to Texas…

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Fiber Jetting

Fiber Jetting is one of the most efficient ways to install new networks and expand existing networks!